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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Want To Write About

After a day of thinking what should i write in my blog and the purpose of making a blog, i came up with a thought.

I would like to write about albums, pictures and songs that i find interesting.

So, if you have the some idea about this idea, please do share with me. And we could share with world.

I like ALL kind of songs. Just hit me with some songs, and i tell u what is good.

When i bought a new album i will share with you. Because sharing is caring!


This is Super Junior's new and 3rd album.
I'm going to buy it.

As for pictures... Well, i really like to share those pics from unknown people.

This picture is actually my grandma's house at Pengkalan Damar, Bruas,Perak.

It was taken by my cousin.

More of his pictures >>>

Actually, i could be your promoter if you want too. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going To Watch A Concert

I'm so bored that i started to write here...

But what should i write?

thinking.... thinking......

Oh yeah! How 'bout i share with u my plan for today?

Today, my cousin will be arriving from Selangor.

And when she arrive, i will fetch my other friend.

We will be going to watch a concert.

Sadly, it's not a live concert...

Where can u find a live concert here at this town?

Let me tell u, NONE!

But, there was once here, the Jom Heboh concert..

I didn't go.

Well, yeah!

We're going to watch a concert!

I guess u guys must be wondering who's concert it is?


We're going to watch, Tohoshinki-Five In The Black concert.

It's a pretty awsome concert i tell u.

Honto, sugoi!

I hope she arrives early.

Can't wait to watch the concert again!

The best concert ever!

Welcoming Myself

I'm really new to blogging.

Reading my friend's blog was really entertaining.

She asks me to make a blog.

Well, i gave it a thought.... and here i am.

I'm gonna write something soon.

We Never Know What Exactly Boarded The Noah's Arc

because the world are still full of mysteries~
~D.Liyana 11/2010~