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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ninja Assassin

yes! it's ninja assassin!
where we could see Rain(Bi) or Jeong Ji-Hun in the silver screen again as in internationaly after the Speed Racer.
here we could see more flesh on rain...
we could see his own stunts.
i can say that he really applied some dance moves during the fighting scene...
this movie really keep me at the edge of my seat!
i mean it guys! it really do!
it was totally nasty during the fighting scenes,....
i brought along 5 other my girlfriends along with my cousin to watch this at the cinema...
and they were screaming like hell!
it was so nasty and cool at the same time!
i mean it's the best action movie to-date!
u guys gotto watch this movie!
this movie is a martial arts film directed by James McTeigue.
it was set in Berlin and also the main character's hometown, Japan.
here is the summary of the movie..
Raizo (Rain) is one of the world’s deadliest assassins, having been kidnapped as a child and raised by the Ozunu Clan, believed by the world to be a myth. When Raizo’s friend is executed by the clan, Raizo flees into hiding. He later reemerges, seeking revenge. Meanwhile, Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) is a Europol agent who investigates money linked to political murders and finds that it is linked to the Ozunu Clan. She defies her superior, Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles), and retrieves secret agency files to find out more. The clan, finding out about the investigation, attempts to assassinate her, but she is rescued by Raizo. Hiding in Europe, Raizo and Mika must find a way to take down the Ozunu Clan.

Naomie Harris

you guys could also see Naomi from the second and thrid Pirates of the Caribbean films.. She's so different in that movie then this one...
Below is the photo of Rain during his training in German for the movie..
he had to learn martial arts for i think maybe couples of months...
before he began shooting...
that's all for today!
matta-ne minna-san!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pisau Cukur

Pisau Cukur means razor.
The reason why i watched this movie in the cinema because my favourite actress, Maya Karin.
I like her so much!
Although she's a pan-asian..
well, obviously i could only see malay in her...
this story about maya karin and her good friend fazura, who are gold diggers(pisau cukur) went on a cruise with the rich and famous persons in malaysia.
for me its a good movie though.
its a rich person live.
all you can see is branded clothes, bags and shoes.
aaron aziz play this investigator character.
the one who caught my attention was Shahredza Minhat character.
he plays this boy who liked maya karin.
but she eventually rejects him, because she thinks this boy is just a normal/stranger who wants to know her...
it turns out to be that this boy its actually a rich kid...
he and maya karin becames friends...
well, guys go on and see the movie....

i dunno what to write.
that's all from me.
matta-ne minna-san!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tokio Hotel new song Automatic

The latest from the band all the way from Germany, Tokio Hotel.

The band consists of Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer.

well, i like the video though..

it's beeen long since i watch a new video from them..

miss them though.

the cars in the video are sooo cool.

and i think they were influance by the Tramsformers too, that there were two robots in the video.

when i first watch thios video i was stunned by bill's new hairdo...


kindda odd at first but then i like it.. hehe

This song is from their new studio album Humanoid.

And here some info about their newest album Humanoid, from Wikipedia.

United States tours and Humanoid
Tokio Hotel embarked on a second tour of North America in August 2008. The band's music video for "Ready Set Go!" was nominated for Best Pop Video at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards,[23] where they also won the award for Best New Artist.[24] They returned to North America again in October 2008 for a month long tour of concerts and record store signings. In December 2008, a behind-the scenes DVD called Tokio Hotel TV - Caught on Camera was released. It contains footage from Tokio Hotel TV and backstage feature stories of the previous year on disc one entitled "History - The very best of Tokio Hotel TV!". A deluxe edition contains a second disc entitled "Future - The road to the new Album!" which features footage of the band on promotion tours and preparing for their third studio album.[25]
In between the North American tours, the band returned to their record studio in Hamburg to record their third studio album, Humanoid, which, according to their producer David Jost, is currently set for release on October 2, 2009. [26][27][28] This is despite earlier statements predicting a March/April 2009 release or a May/June 2009 release.[29][30][31] The album will be recorded in both German and English with both versions being released simultaneously worldwide.[30][31] On July 21, 2009, told the public that they had signed a deal with Tokio Hotel. They would became Nokia's face and in return they get a postercampaign and an unplugged performance from Tokio Hotel in Germany. On July 22, it was revealed that the mini-concert would be existing out of 6 songs, 5 known hits and their brand new single. The concert will be on August 27 in Cologne, Germany and tickets are available through a contest.[32]
On June 17 2009, 2 short versions of brand new English songs leaked on the internet. "Dark Side of the Sun" (0:19) "Pain of Love" (0:25) Have been confirmed to be brand new English songs from Tokio Hotel and to be on their 2nd English album. On that same day, after the confirmation, every possible video on YouTube containing these two demo's has been taken down due to copyright restrictions.
On August 10, it was announced on MTV news that the first single from the album would be "Automatisch" in German and "Automatic" in English. On August 20, MTV Buzzworthy released a video which previewed "Automatic" and Cherrytree Records announced that the English version of the song would be released in the US on September 22. [33][34] Nevertheless, the video for the single was released on September 3.
In an atricle from Billboard Magazine it was stated that Tokio Hotel will return to the United states in October, 2009 to make various unconfirmed television appearnces (with the exception of the confirmed It's On With Alexa Chung appearance). On it was stated that Tokio Hotel will be on the season two premier of It's On With Alexa Chung and that the Premiere date is October 19, 2009

That's all from me today..

matte-ne minna-san.!

Friday, October 2, 2009


She is Atilia.
and he is Is.
they are cute together.
they go through everything, still they are together.
love you guys!
i pray for the best for both you.
that's all for today..
matta-ne minna-san!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Afiqto and Nanato

i really love this couple!
i took this picture without permission!
So sorry yeah...
He is Afiq.
She is Nana.
I approved him.
And I love her.
They are cute together.
that's for now.
matte-ne minna-san.!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Love you. matta-ne, minna-san!


The new singer..
From Australia.
Lenka Kripac was born, New South Wales, Australia in 1978.
I never thought she will be that age.
Cause she loooked so cute!
She's actually a singer-songwriter, actress in Australian television serials.
She knows how to play piano and also the trumpet.
(my Hunny could play the trumpet too! hehe)
I used to hate her.
For no reason.
I hate her The Show music video.
But now all have changed!
I love her.
She had this sweet little voice that i adore!
Her voice is so cute!
I really love the song "Trouble as a Friend".
I like "The Show".

Lenka is the best singer!
Heart her!
That's all for today!
matte-ne, minna-san!

Selamat Hari Raya! Happy Eid Mubarak!

Third raya. with my cousin, Pika. And this is my baju raya! haha

Second raya! with my cousin. not my baju raya either.
First raya! but this is not my baju raya.
Selamat hari raya to all!
Love ya Pika!
There's more later to this blog.
Matta-ne minna-san!


Look at this picture!
They are so cute togeher!
I love her & i like him.
I adore the chemistry that they have.
She's my friend, Ieka.
And that is her's, Adam.
ok, maybe that's for now.
matta-nee, minna-san.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Like This Photo For No Reason

I dunno why i like this photo but i think there's something inside this photo.
That is LOVE.
The love of a brother to his lil sister.

Can you guys see it?
I just think that this photo really sweet!
I just can't help it.

Actually in this photo: my bestfriend, Elyas and his 4 year old lil cousin, Putri Nur Atifah Anis.
My oh my, what a name..hehe i love it! hehe...

Up to here for today.
matta-ne minna-san...!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Look At This Photo!

As i was checking out my old photos when i was still schooling, i found this photo.
Its a photo of Jenny, myself and Logesny. man.. i miss them.
This photo was taken during SMK Convent(Conswan)'s Prefect Night 2007.
It was held in Teluk Batik Beach Resort.
Well, i was wearing a Punjabi Suit.
As you can see we all have this bangles... hahha
You know what, Indians have cool bangles, necklace and many more.
And i LOVE them all! haha
My Indians and Punjabs friends told me that i did a good job on my make-up.
Actually it was just the eye. Just give an extreme make-up and more like Indian style.
I was just experimenting.
Well, they said it was awsome..
haha whatever.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Up Disney Pixar Movie

hey, Guys!

It's the latests Disney-Pixar Movie : UP

It's quite a cute and hillarious movie though.

I laugh quite a lot when i watch this.

I watch this movie at a cinema near my house.

I went there with my friend Atilia and Hayati.

But Atilia brougt along her bf & friend.


ok2 about the movie.....

Well,it's a about this one guy.. who eventually becomes older ( i mean an old man) when this story began. Well this guy was a fan of an explorer. One day he meet with this one girl who a fan of the explorer too. This girl have this dream of going to Paradise Falls, where the explorer had gone to find a rare bird, the explorer had promised that he will not come back until he had caught the bird and bring it back to the society.

As the couple grew older, they didn't went to Paradise Falls. Until the wife(who is the girl before) died. But this old man had this crazy idea of flying his house with THOUSANDS of balloons! Well, the house did fly high! But there's this boy who did manage to get on board too!

The 2 set up a journey to Paradise Falls. And there's all the conflict started.

It's suitable for a family movie. kids will understand perfectly well. Because when i was watching this in the cinema there's this one little kid keep talking about the movie which indicates he understand the movie. It's really a nice movie.
Well, thats all from me now!
matta-ne minna-san!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shinjuku Incident (movie)

Shinjuku Incident

YEs, the scary movie.. hehe
Well, the movie was quite violent though.

I mean, there's a scene where Jie(Daniel Wu)'s hand was cut off!!!!

Man, it was a really a shock to me!

This movie, i say, it's the best~!

Really a worth of watching...

The story about this guy nicknamed Steelhead from China migrates to Japan to look for better job to find his long lost fiancee Xiu Xiu(Xu Jing Lei). When he arrived in Japan, illegally, he meet up with Jie, Daniel Wu, and Jie had given him food and shelter and also find him a job.

Steelhead did find his fiancee but she married to a Yakuza Leader, Eguchi (Masaya Kato). And you guys can go to this link to know the whole story....

Buy the DVD and keep it!

I mean it's really great story.

Almost the whole of the movie was based in Japan.

You can hear 2 language is spoken Japanese and also the Mainland China Mandarin.


The casts are:-

Jackie Chan as Steelhead

Naoto Takenaka as Inspector Kitano

Daniel Wu as Jie

Fan Bing Bing as Lily

DVD:Rm 19.90




Director: Derek Yee

Year: 2009

that's all from me, today!!!

matta-ne minna-san!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Histeria by James Lee (movie) Malaysia

HISTERIA a movie by James Lee.

Well, guys i just got to see this movie.

one of the reasons i wanted to watch this movie is i will like to see the uniform of the girls in this movie.

haha weird rite...

i was scared when i watch this movie... I was under the covers for God's sake!

But i watched it with my whole family.

But i was still scared. I like ghosts stories. I can't help it. I have to watch it although i was scared to death! HAHa

I was texting my friend when i was watching this.

he told me stop watch it. But i'm sorry my dear, i like to watch it no matter what. haha

Weird isn't. haha

Ok, about the movie.

Hmmmm i like this movie after a day watching it.

I felt that the movie was great after a long time of thinking.

It's about this 6 girls who set a prank. One of the girl, Tini act as if she was possessed by a spirit.

But she just faking it and the whole group of girls was punished to stay in school for another 3 days during the sem-break. Well, the whole school was empty. They have to clean up minor parts of the school. Everything went wrong when one of the girls, Juanita, stole something that is not belong to her from the yard of the school. And it had awaken the ginn who was supposed to guard the school yard. And it started to kill the residents who was left in the school, one by one.

For the end of the story, you have to watch it yourself! haha

You will never believe the ending of the story.

Director:James Lee

That's all from me today.
Matte-ne, minna-san!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Talentime by Yasmin Ahmad

Talentime (movie)

Yes, the last movie done by late Yasmin Ahmad.

I just got a chance to watch her movie recently.

Well, i mean it's really an inspirational movie.

Usually, Yasmin's movie will be a story between a malay and a chinese..

But in this movie you will see the true blend of all.

It's really a ONE MALAYSIA movie.

You will see the romance between the 2 lead characters, that is Mahesh and Melur.

Mahesh represent the indian.

Melur the malay+english comunity.

Hafiz is a malay.

and Kahoe is the chinese.

Well, i didn't know Mahesh was deaf.

I was watching the movie and wondering why is this boy never speaks...?

After it was half of the movie, i knew that Mahesh uses sign language.


You can also watch Jaclyn Victor,our Malaysia Idol, doing acting.
She can do it pretty well though.
But i warn you, her character nothing have to do with singing.
Which she is really acting.

Mahesh, Pamela and Kahoe, which played the role as Mahesh, Melur and Kahoe.

btw, i'm in love with Kahoe.. hehe

Well, everything turn out well in the end of the story.

Although there was some sad events took place in the story.
But, it's really a good movie.
Get yourself to watch it, if you didn't watch it yet.
I watch it through Astro Boxoffice channel.
My mum wanted to watch the movie so much.
So, i think that's from me now.

matta-nee minna!

Yasmin Ahmad.



(the best director ever)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bleach the movie The Diamonddust Rebellion

Movie : Bleach - The Diamond Dust Rebellion

I have bought this DVD for a long time..

But didn't have the chance to watch it.

Cause i don't have a DVD player at home.. :(

After a while my dad bought a player but i was going to futher my studies the next day.

So i didn't watch it yet.

Now, is the holidays, so, i watch it.

And it was cool!

haha i love it very much!

This DVD costs me RM 16.90 .

Worth it though.

The story goes:-

A valuable artifact known as "King's Seal" is stolen by a mysterious group of peopleduring transport in Soul Society. Hitsugaya Toushiro(the cute little guy with the white hair), the 10th division captainof Gotei 13, who is assigned to transport the seal fights the leader of the group and shortly after goes missing. After the incident, Seireitei declares Hitsugaya a traitor and orders the capture and execution of Hitsugaya. Kurosaki Ichigo refuses to believe this, and along with Matsumoto Rangiku, Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji swear to uncover teh real mastermind of teh stolen seal, find Hitsugaya and clear his name. Meanwhile, a rouge Hitsugaya searches for the perpetrators and uncovers a dark secret regarding a long dead SHINIGAMI.

If you want to know the ending..... GO WATCH YOURSELF~!

As usual.. the fighting scenes are just cool!

You gotto watch the fighting scene..

There was A LOT OF Hollow and Menos Grande! I hate those tall and black thing. If i had a shinigami power i will slash it a lot of times... wasting isn't it?? haha

If you are a Bleach fan, this a must-have DVD it's not that expensive either.

That's all for today.

matta-ne minna-san!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Michael Jackson-Number Ones

Michael Jackson - Number Ones

This is a must have album for the MJ's fans!
It consists all of his number ones and also mine!
You can find this album in form of CD , DVD and also VCD!
Me, myself bought both CD and DVD.
The CD is RM 46.90
While the DVD costs RM 39.90 with a better quality video.
If i'm not mistaken, the VCD will cost about RM 29.90

Here, the songs that are included:-

1. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
( really a song get you wanna move, this is the song which top us charts and in the video, at one stage, MJ is seen dancing in triplicate, which was considered innovative at the time. )

2. Rock With You
(reach number one in pop and R&B singles charts in 1980s)

3. Billie Jean
(this song is about a mentaly ill female fan that claims MJ had fathered her twins. this song also had been mixed 91 times before it was finalized)

4. Beat It
(the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

5. Thriller
( the video clip was 14 minute long! how can you top that??? and the dance steps was the best!)

6. Human Nature
(the "why why why " part... it's just magic)

7. I Just Can't Stop Loving You

8. Bad
(In a 1996 interview with German TV, Prince also humorously said that the reason he didn't want to participate in making of the song was the first line "Your butt is mine", and that he said to Jackson; "I ain't saying that to you... and you sure ain't saying that to me!")

9. The Way You Make Feel

10. Dirty Diana

(MJ can do a rock song too!)

11. Smooth Criminal

( i like this song very much! "annie are you ok?")

12. Black or White

( really good song. don't care if you're black or white)

13. You Are Not Alone

(this song's video clip is the sweetests ever! haha it shows MJ and his former wife Lisa Marie Presley)

14. Earth Song
( yeah!!! the greatests song ever! when you listen to this song, then you know what have we done to this delicate earth. )

15. Blood On The Dance Floor

16. You Rock My World

17. Break of Dawn

18. One More Chance

R.I.P. Michael J. Jackson.
This all from me today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I will Not Be Here for a While

Dear, friends.
I might won't be seing you in a short while.
I'm going to further my studies and i'm not sure when can i get my hands back to writing.
But no fear! This is not the end of my review.
There is more to come.

See you guys soon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Akon - Freedom Review

Akon - Freedom

Yeap! It's the new album from Aliaune"Akon" Thiam, Freedom!

My mum is a fan of his, and she bought the album, and i gotta a chance to share my review with you!

Akon is a briliant song writer!

I mean listen to Lady Gaga's(i will review it later for you) and Colby O'Donis's songs!

It's G-R-E-A-T!

All of his song was nice to hear in what ever you we're doing.

I mean you can listen in your car, cooking, doing a spring cleaning in your house. It's just suitable in everyway.. :)

Freedom is the third studio album from Akon. The album was originally named Acquitted, however Akon changed it due to its negative connotation. It was released in stores December 2, 2008.

In Malaysia you have two version of this album.

Of course you have the original which costs around RM 46.90 and also the Malaysian Edition which is Rm 29.90.

In this album there is 13 songs including the hits Right Now(Na Na Na) and Beautiful.

Which also including some guests artist Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Wyclef Jean and also his artist Colby O'Donis And Kardinal Offishall.

The album starts off with the hit single Right Now (Na Na Na). Well, it's certainly a great song, because almost ALL of my friends like this song.

I was working in an cd store early this year, they kept asking me if we have the album and Akon-Freedom album was surely a hot cake!

2.Beautiful feat. Colby O'Donis and Kardinal Offishall (it's a really nice songs to listen too. and it really make me feel beautiful! haha)

3.Keep You Much Longer ( i like the chorus though)

4.Troublemaker feat. Sweet Rush ( i can't find info about Sweet Rush. but the song was good and i'm loving it! :D)

5.We Don't Care

6.I'm So Paid feat. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy (well, i like this song. and when your listen to this song you will know there is lil wayne in there.. he uses the same electronic effect on his voice)

7.Holla Holla feat. T-Pain( when you hear the starting of this song you will know T-Pain is featured in this song.)

8.Against the Grain feat. Ray Lavender

9.Be With You (and this is THE BEST SONG EVER! according to me.. hehe there's another version of this song,Will Pan feat. Akon.)

Will Pan and Akon

10.Sunny Day feat. Wyclef Jean (good song though!)

11.Birthmark (it's kind of slow and easy. it's my mum's favourite song :) )

12.Over The Edge

13.And the last song in the album Freedom

Lastly, i would like you to go to this link to view:-

Will Pan feat. Akon - Be With You (asian version)

Be With You (asian version) Will Pan feat. Akon can be found in Will Pan's latests album 007, released on may 29,2009.

That's all from me today!
mata-ne, minna-san!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tohoshinki-Secret Code DVD review

Tohoshinki - Secret Code consists of two cds and one DVD, like i mention in my previous blog.

The DVD is a MUST HAVE! So, this is another reason you have to own this album!

It consists of Tohoshinki videos:-

Purple Line, Beautiful You, Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?, Mirotic, Bolero, Survivor and Kiss The Baby Sky.

ALL in JAPANESE language. yes, including Purple Line and Mirotic.

And this is the best part of the DVD!

It concists of 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~ Special Edition.

This part shows you the snippets of their 3rd live tour at Saitama Super Arena.

They sang 23 songs in 180 mins.

In this special edition, it shows the must-see performances.

And of course you have to buy the real DVD of the concert to exprience it all.

Tohoshinki 3rd live tour 2008 will costs you RM 139.90.

If you're a die-hard fan of Tohoshinki you will surely buy this DVD will you?

And if you're lucky this DVD is still on sale. :)

Here, i would like to share you their Summer Dreams performances towards the end of the concert. >>>

This second video shows Xiah Junsu leading the other Tohoshinki and the dancers in dancing in the middle of Summer Dream performances.

There is also the "Off Shot Movie" just like the previous albums.

This time they share with us their photoshoot of the album cover in Japan.

It was really cool there, they we're in a warehouse.

But still, they all looked cute!

And also the Behind The Scenes of the Kiss The Baby Sky video!

Well, this is all from me today!

mata-ne minna-san! :D

Tohoshinki-Secret Code CDs review

Tohoshinki-Secret Code


I get my hands on TVXQ or known in Japan as Tohoshinki, new album, Secret Code!

This album was released on march 25, 2009.

The Asian version, that can be found in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia only, will cost you RM 59.90.

But as for the original version from Japan it will cost you RM 89.90.

But I gotto tell you the money really WORTH IT!

Because this is such a great album!

This Asian version consists of 2 CDs and 1 DVD.

The first cd, which THE album, consists off the new singles. Here are the tracks:-

1.Secret Game (the starting was like mission impossible..haha)


3.Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō (means "why did i fall in love with you")

4.Nobody Knows

5.Beautiful You

6.(i can't translate you this title. i'm not really good at japanese.. hehe sorry)

7.9095 (this song is weird. BUT i love it. you should listen to it. Xiah wrote this song)

8.MIROTIC (yes, the japanese version)


10.Stand Up

11.Survivor (yeah! i love this song! but still can't understand the mv..)

I can't relate what is happpening between this 2 thsk, in the Survivor video. The white ones and the black ones. haha

12.Kiss The Baby Sky ( such a wonderful song and i really like the starting of the song and rap parts :) )

13.Bolero (it gives me the wisdom to do what i do. haha)

There's a hidden track, 14, that is 9096. I think it's just another version of 9095.

For the second cd its just SOME REMIXES and also a bonus track, PURPLE LINE from the previous album, T.

We Never Know What Exactly Boarded The Noah's Arc

because the world are still full of mysteries~
~D.Liyana 11/2010~