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Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's Do Some Voting-Adidas NEO

salam, hello readers~!

well, similar to my previous blog post, i need u guys to vote for a blogger that inspire me
and i did told her about me getting a blog post on voting for her and and i was thinking of forcing my friends to do so.
(and suddenly, i was thinking of doing something! damn, it's a good idea!! haha)

have u heard of adidas NEO?
well, it's a new line from adidas which cater more for the young hearts and more vibrant colours as well as more fun to wear
i my self, like the clothes as well, but maybe i set foot in one of the outlet next year
(this year, pokai to go window shopping also :( )
adidas NEO, pick some icon from part of the world to be their ambassador
there are 10 of them and one of them is a blogger that inspire me, Hanie Hidayahyyup2, this is the girl
well, i just cut short and straight to her blog
HERE she talks about adidas NEO
and HERE how to vote!
well, of u go now for the voting!!
matta-ne, minna-san~!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Giuliana Rancic shocking news

salam, hello readers~!


Giuliana Rancic had an announcement to make during a Monday morning appearance on The Today Show -- but it wasn't the one she or anyone wanted or expected.

Instead of a happy pregnancy announcement, Rancic, 37, told Ann Curry: "I have early stage breast cancer." The E! News host and Giuliana and Bill star made the frightening discovery back in August, as she was preparing for her third attempt to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

Rancic explained that her doctor sternly insisted that she get a mammogram before going through with the third IVF treatment. (The pregnancy hormones could "accelerate the cancer," Rancic recalled her doctor as saying.)

The star, who said she has no family history of breast cancer, "wasn't prepared to get a mammogram until i was 40 years old," she admitted. "I never in my wildest dreams expected anything to be wrong."

When the hospital called a few days later to tell her the shocking news, Rancic admits she was immediately "sobbing...It was like the world just crashed around me."

But a visibly emotional Rancic assured fans, "I will be okay, because I found it early. I'm doing surgery this coming week, and then I go to radiation for six and a half weeks."

At her side throughout the ordeal is husband Bill Rancic, 40. "Bill is unbelievable," Rancic gushed. "He lets me cry when I want to cry. He just lets me feel what I want to feel."

And the spouses of four years are determined to continue in their attempts to conceive once Giuliana's medical isseus are resolved. "I'm not gonna give up," she said. When she does get pregnant, "That baby will have saved my life," she mused. "There's some master plan. Now I know that [God] was looking out for me."

She urged all women to get tested for breast cancer. "I think a lot of us think we're invincible," she said. "We have to start putting ourselves on the to do list."
Taken off US Weekly's website.

so, it is a shocking news
and hope everything turns out fine.

matta-ne, minna-san~!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Need a Helping Hand

salam, hello readers~!

dear friends and readers

i would like u to lend me a hand for my Leo Club that i entered

please support us on an Online Logo contest and help us win the contest

here are the steps:-

2) LIKE our LOGO

Really glad if you help and u will have a good day :)

matta-ne, minna-san~!
p/s: check out the Ohio University Band

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


salam, hello readers~!!
i read in a blog about iPhone earrings and start to googled it
and i stumble upon these earrings!!
cool right
but i really want the first earrings, it is sooo0o cool!!
more cool earrings HERE

matta-ne, minna-san~!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Take Care my dear Hee Chul oppa

salam, hello readers~!!well, i know, it had been a month since Hee Chul's departure to military enlistment
On mid-August 2011, SM Entertainment announced that Heechul will enlist in the Korean military by September 1, 2011.
and because of this, everything about Mr.Simple album was kindda of a halt in promotion
well, i bet his cat HeeBum misses him, cause i misses him too
a friend of mine, who knows more about k-pop, told me that HeeChull will be continuing his service from home because he had an injured leg,
from a previous accident where his leg had an iron in it (sounds weird~ my sentence~)

and he have a new project, that is a group M&D
the duo group only consist of him and Kim Jungmo of TRAXX
their song, Close Ur Mouth, is cool and refreshing and also loud
i like it though
so, watch the video on Youtube!!

i miss Kim Hee Chul!!!Linkmatta-ne, minna-san~!!

Lee Hongki

salam, hello readers~!
i'm actually highlighting my book and decide to take a break and i thought of eating
but there is no supply of snacks so i divert myself to update this blog instead :)

me & my roommate just finished watching Korean drama entitled You're Beautiful
yeah, i know it's lame, cause it is an old drama, but still, we watched it k~

just to take your time to talk about Lee Hongki, i really hope that his personality is the same as Jeremy that he portrayed in You're Beautiful
fun and cheerful, i have watched Good Daddy, he along with Kim Hee Chul (my fav member of Super Junior)
and i love them, such fun and cheerful people
Hee Chul & Hongki
he was born on 2nd March 1990 which mean he is only one year and 5 days older then me hahah
i like his voice though. have a different kindda voice i think, he is a band named F.T. Island. then again sometimes i mistaken him as the leader of this group.
watching him reality shows differs from his acting,
reality shows, show him in more realistic in acting, he just act,
Hongki was a child star before
so, i guess he at least have an idea of what acting about
sorry, i was just blabbing about Lee Hongki
and Hongki is a cutie too, especially when he make angry faces hehe :)

matta-ne, minna-san~!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Docomo and Blackberry

salam, hello readers~!
just wanna share that i like Docomo phones and having a Blackberry is cool too

for some reason, i like the box type figure
for some people it may look odd and bulky
but i really like Docomo phones
and yeah, it only sell in Japan
thought i never meet it??
well, i do!
a friend of mine got her brother to buy for her a Docomo phone from Japan
but then again, if it needs repair, you can't get it fast huhu
then again, why couldn't i just ask my uncle in Japan to buy me one??? hahaha

then there's the Blackberry
well,i don't really like this bulky wide phone
i have one similar to this, but it a Malaysian made phone
the only thing, it really get to me is, the user could BBM-ing
with BlackBerry Messenger, one could text or pass msg around without using money
so, i consider to have one

matta-ne, minna-san~!
p/s: well, Hunny, how's ur plan on having a BB?? hehe
pp/s: i want to buy a new phone next sem, gonna return my friend's second phone hoho

Hair Styles

salam, hello readers~!

how is your hair doing?? haha quite funny huh? asking about your hair
i just washed mine yesterday with Clear-Anti Fall, and Sunsilk-Damage hair
and i also put some Ginevera-Anti Frizz Serum and Shurei-Hair Serum
unfortunately it is really10 dry now huhu
i dunno why

well, when i was wondering around in Liese website, i come across THIS hairstyles
it sooo pretty~
my mum once asked me to do the Vol. 2, nmbr 2 hair, but i didn't
i want to try it out later
but i have a hairstyle that is in my head d
their hairs are so beautiful, and i'm envy of them hehe

if God willing, i want to THIS hairstyle :D

matta-ne, minna-san~!

Haircolour (Liese&Wella)

salam, hello readers~!
just wanna share with you all about a website i discover while reading a person's blog
well, i am a fan of bright red hair
if only i could use this colour
and didn't had the chance to have a very bright red hair yet
just a minor red i did
but i didn't have time to actually play with my half-red-hair yet
huhu i figure it is fadding huhuhu
have you heard of Liese Product before?
to me it's kindda cool, cause it kindda like a shampoo
but mind u, it's not a shampoo
check out the website, and you could see the variety colours, and make wanna try it!
but i think it doesn't have the 'HALAL' sign, so i think, the Muslims can't wear it,
still, the colours give me the idea of what colour i'm gonna try next.
as you can see at the website, there are plenty of variety of colour you could choose from
maybe after this, i would try a colour similar to the above photo
because my mum suggest to use other colour, hehe

then again, i've been using Shurah-Merah Klasik

and now i'm using, Wella-Cherry Red (because it was on sale in Guardian, go and get it, only 10MYR)

the result?? not like the bright red i wanted hahaha
matta-ne, minna-san

p/s: get to know more about me at YenT0 is Alive

We Never Know What Exactly Boarded The Noah's Arc

because the world are still full of mysteries~
~D.Liyana 11/2010~