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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Park Yu-Hwan

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!
I was bored and suddenly have the urge to get to know about our beloved KPop stars, I just Wikipedia they name in random and read about them.
Then I found about something that I don't know until know.
About this guy, Park Yu-Hwan or also known as Ricky Park.
My oh mt, didn't know that our Micky Yuchun has a brother in the showbiz.
One of the best fact about Park Yu-Hwan is his birthday is near to mine.
He was born on 9th March 1991 and we share the same year of birth.
So, Google some of his image but then it turn out that he looked older then he's brother.
But well it's just my opinion.
Well, if you look at this picture, he look ok though :D
And you actually see Yuchun resembles right?
Really hope that I could watch him act one day.
My supplier of Kdramas does not have any drama that he act in. So I really hope one day I will grasp a drama that he acted in.
More info about YuHwan CLICK HERE.

matta-ne, minna-san~!
photos: Google Image

I've watched Rain Sound-B.A.P

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!
 At last the awaited new mv and song of B.A.P is now actually here!
It was released worldwide on 15th January 2013, the same day as the Golden Disk Awards day 1 in Malaysia.

Let me explain my reaction when I first watch this mv:-
I went to neighbour's room to watch the mv, she played it on her laptop and the next thing I knew
I was covering my ears (I'm not sure why), I almost have watery eyes because of the excitement, I was jumping and my lips just chattered "hensemnye.. hensemnye..." and other squeaky sound 0.o
 About the mv:-
Why in the world did I react like that because everyone was freaking cool in the mv
and all my baby boys wore eyeliners!
Eyeliners on guys is such a major turn on. It gives out the eyes-wow-factor.
Of course I'm happy to see that they don't have bleach colour hair anymore, I'm so sick of it.
Enough, is enough.
 The outfit and accessories that what I will look at all the time.
The accessories worn by the members of B.A.P suited to my liking, Yong Guk's earrings were cool!
Dae Hyun's chain was freaking awesome. And Zelo's earring that he wore when he was holding the jug was quite interesting.
On another hand, I can't understand what's up with the green rain and green iv drop and even the green water all around. Weird though, or so maybe because green is the official colour of B.A.P.
 Crying part.
OMG! the crying part, I can't even,  I just feel like I wanna Hug and comfort them.
Especially, Zelo, he looked like a lost puppy and freaking love he's straight hair :D
Himchan's crying face and watery really get me feel like crying though.
This is just a different side of a human we get from the B.A.P.
Shooting part.
Nearing the end of the mv, all the members were shoot, and blood splattered on them.
Everyone showed a very hurtful emotion and Yong Guk just reamain calm like he don't even care haha
But Rain Sound mv is now one of my favourite music video, because everyone looked awesomely-handsome! :D
 About the Song:-
I didn't listen to the song properly when I watch the mv for the first 5 time or so.
Rain Sound is about a man trying to forget his past lover.
The song is all sad melody by there's like hint of tango that kindda make me think, what kind of melody is this.
I'm not good at analyzing songs, so I better stop here. You should just listen yourself.
 Yong Guk: He never fails to give the rap in a song. He's rap was understandable (I mean for Korean speaking people) . It was not fast, it was just nice.
Himchan: I was disappointed by Himchan's part, because as if he only TALK in some part of the song :( I want more from my baby!
Dae Hyun & Yong Jae: The main vocals of B.A.P they never failed to nail a song, their voices were just beautiful that make the song just soothing.
Jong Up: As he is the sub-vocal, he just sing parts of the song and although there were only little dance part, he dance really good with all those slow move and all.
Zelo: Our giant baby start of with a slow-out-of-tune rap that to me, is very special. Then he broke into he's usual rap, his voice is even cute with a little high tone in it :P
 After all, I'm happy with this new song and mv.
And also happy that they came to Malaysia again for the Golden Disk Awards in Sepang, day 2.
matta-ne, minna-san~!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I've watched Kim Jae Jong-Mine

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!
yesterday marks  the day, Jae Joong release his single of his first mini album
JYJ may be apart now, so they are having their own project respectively.

i'm writing here just to share about the new mv and also song that were just release.
it trends on Twitter too : #JaeRocksMine

About the Video:-
vampire hero

new tattoos 
 to me the video is awesome. i mean the whole setting was mystic and of course a fiction.
he wears multiple of costume that actually look both cool and weird.
nevertheless the video does not disappointed me in any way. i love it very much

there were multiple of animals involve in this video. such as owl, omg i just love owls!
crows, dogs and snakes.
jae joong was pretty cool himself. one minute he's a human, then a person with a horn hat (?), then a weird being being chain, then change into another weird glass being then a vampire. later the vampire grows wings.
i saw it all.

jae joong also manage to show off he's new tattoos (not that very new-lah) and hell yeah, he's body was sexy! :P
recently, almost every new video that i watch, the guys will be wearing eyeliners. and to me wearing eyeliners is freaking sexy. i just can't take off my eyes from theirs as i studied how the make up is done and later i will do it on myself hehe
so, Jae Joong too wear eyeliners that make me sworn that he is smoking hot in this one.

if just want to listen to the song, i recommend not to listen to the song through the video, it is very tiring, because it had pauses here and there, and it little irritates me much :(
so go and listen to the mp3 version.

to me, Jae Joong and Junsu becoming more and more weirder by the second, but Jae Joong's weirdness i could tolerate. so yeah, about the video, it fits the song actually, at least that what i think.
you should watch it for yourself :)
About the Song:-
 to tell you the truth, I NEVER THOUGHT that Jae Jung CAN ACTUALLY THIS KIND OF SONG.
it is JRock, i thought he will sings something like what he done in the TVXQ days, never thought he could rock off!
and i'm impressed. seriously.
 because of the fact that i just listen to the song through the mv, i cant listen to the whole song without the pauses that the video had to give way to the cinematography.
well, it is a good video, im not complaining, i just want to get hold of the mp3 version. i want to listen to it on the go!
the lyrics was short and easy for us who is not Korean speakers to sing along to :D

as i said earlier, the song is more of the sound of JRock songs, so it had this dark effect on it

i dont really know what to write more because this song and video is just awesome for me
because this is my kind of style


Lyrics : HERE

matta-ne, minna-san~!

We Never Know What Exactly Boarded The Noah's Arc

because the world are still full of mysteries~
~D.Liyana 11/2010~