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Thursday, November 24, 2011

This time VOTE FOR ME!

salam, hellp readers~!
this time i need a big favor!
big HELP!
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mizz Nina (Malay/Magazine)

salam, hello readers~!!
i planned i wanted to translate this article but i end up with pile of work and i can't squeeze time to translate it,
sorry guys!!!

and i noticed, Mizz Nina had a Wikipedia page of her own

she is so pretty & he looked shy! haha
this is her rings~
i'm guessing its the 'minang', 'tunang'(engagement) & wedding rings
oh my, i love them all
i wish i will have rings like this when i'm marrying~ :Dnice couple ^^
matta-ne, minna-san~!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Listening to : Noh Hujan, Dev & Selena Gomez

salam, hello readers~!
today i would to share some of the song that got stuck in my head recently
Malay songs and also English songs

well, during this semester, i suddenly got caught up in HUJAN band songs
and of course i got hypnotize by the lead singer's hair haha
but well, his married too, to a lady that i also love, Mizz Nina

moving on to the most play song by me

1) Selamat Pagi Sayang - DJ Fuzz feat Noh Hujan
(click to see the video)
ok, although, to me, Noh doesn't have the most of his voice, but there's unique touch in his voice that made him a singer and make me wanna hear more and again of the song
this song really soothe my ear, cause it's slow and sweet

2) Kotarayaku -- Altimet feat Noh Hujan
(click for the video)
when i hear this song for the first time, it suddenly make me be patriotic to where i was born; Kuala Lumpur
suddenly the urge of going back there and just live in Kuala Lumpur make me safe, cause it is where i first see the world
and for the first time, i could see Noh face in the video hehe

3) Dance In The Dark - DEV
(click for the video)
the first time i listen to this song, it just get me wanna sing and move my body to it hehe
i'm really happy when i heard this song in the radio!

4) Love You Like A Song - Selena Gomez
(click for the video)
this semester roommates's song!!
me and my rum8 love this song!

all the songs stated had been on my repeat playlist for days now and i'm happy with it! :D
matta-ne, minna-san~!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Congratulations to Selina of SHE

salam, hello readers~!

well, i'm sure if u are a Chinese song fan, u will know, SHE a Taiwanese girl group
i've been their fans since i was in high school
today, i will like to share about one of their member, Selina
the group consists of Selina (girly@lady like type), Hebe(hyper girl and often change styles) and Ella( a tomboyish type)
but these are all my interpretation of them
and i like Ella the most!
a year ago, Selina suffer from a a third degree burn of 54% of her body
because of that she had to postpone her marriage with fiance, Richard because she had to undergo surgery and therapy
it happened when she was on filming set if i'm not mistaken
to tell u the truth, she is pretty, and she look fake after the surgery
sorry about that, but still, i think she's pretty, i just thought, she could had a better surgeon then this.
so, on 31st of October 2011 they got married
and it was Selina's birthday on the 30th
through this photo, u could see how friends and family had helped her through the pasts months on recovering
and to me, she is a strong lady and i am happy for her and i wish all the merry to her :)

isn't this sweet!!! ^^
matta-ne, minna-san~!
p/s: all news and some photos from HERE
pp/s: i share a photo here.. look at her shoes! she's wearing sport shoes, she can't wear high heels, cause she can't stand for long.. what a tough girl! jia yu!!!

We Never Know What Exactly Boarded The Noah's Arc

because the world are still full of mysteries~
~D.Liyana 11/2010~