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Friday, September 25, 2009

Afiqto and Nanato

i really love this couple!
i took this picture without permission!
So sorry yeah...
He is Afiq.
She is Nana.
I approved him.
And I love her.
They are cute together.
that's for now.
matte-ne minna-san.!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Love you. matta-ne, minna-san!


The new singer..
From Australia.
Lenka Kripac was born, New South Wales, Australia in 1978.
I never thought she will be that age.
Cause she loooked so cute!
She's actually a singer-songwriter, actress in Australian television serials.
She knows how to play piano and also the trumpet.
(my Hunny could play the trumpet too! hehe)
I used to hate her.
For no reason.
I hate her The Show music video.
But now all have changed!
I love her.
She had this sweet little voice that i adore!
Her voice is so cute!
I really love the song "Trouble as a Friend".
I like "The Show".

Lenka is the best singer!
Heart her!
That's all for today!
matte-ne, minna-san!

Selamat Hari Raya! Happy Eid Mubarak!

Third raya. with my cousin, Pika. And this is my baju raya! haha

Second raya! with my cousin. not my baju raya either.
First raya! but this is not my baju raya.
Selamat hari raya to all!
Love ya Pika!
There's more later to this blog.
Matta-ne minna-san!


Look at this picture!
They are so cute togeher!
I love her & i like him.
I adore the chemistry that they have.
She's my friend, Ieka.
And that is her's, Adam.
ok, maybe that's for now.
matta-nee, minna-san.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Like This Photo For No Reason

I dunno why i like this photo but i think there's something inside this photo.
That is LOVE.
The love of a brother to his lil sister.

Can you guys see it?
I just think that this photo really sweet!
I just can't help it.

Actually in this photo: my bestfriend, Elyas and his 4 year old lil cousin, Putri Nur Atifah Anis.
My oh my, what a name..hehe i love it! hehe...

Up to here for today.
matta-ne minna-san...!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Look At This Photo!

As i was checking out my old photos when i was still schooling, i found this photo.
Its a photo of Jenny, myself and Logesny. man.. i miss them.
This photo was taken during SMK Convent(Conswan)'s Prefect Night 2007.
It was held in Teluk Batik Beach Resort.
Well, i was wearing a Punjabi Suit.
As you can see we all have this bangles... hahha
You know what, Indians have cool bangles, necklace and many more.
And i LOVE them all! haha
My Indians and Punjabs friends told me that i did a good job on my make-up.
Actually it was just the eye. Just give an extreme make-up and more like Indian style.
I was just experimenting.
Well, they said it was awsome..
haha whatever.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Up Disney Pixar Movie

hey, Guys!

It's the latests Disney-Pixar Movie : UP

It's quite a cute and hillarious movie though.

I laugh quite a lot when i watch this.

I watch this movie at a cinema near my house.

I went there with my friend Atilia and Hayati.

But Atilia brougt along her bf & friend.


ok2 about the movie.....

Well,it's a about this one guy.. who eventually becomes older ( i mean an old man) when this story began. Well this guy was a fan of an explorer. One day he meet with this one girl who a fan of the explorer too. This girl have this dream of going to Paradise Falls, where the explorer had gone to find a rare bird, the explorer had promised that he will not come back until he had caught the bird and bring it back to the society.

As the couple grew older, they didn't went to Paradise Falls. Until the wife(who is the girl before) died. But this old man had this crazy idea of flying his house with THOUSANDS of balloons! Well, the house did fly high! But there's this boy who did manage to get on board too!

The 2 set up a journey to Paradise Falls. And there's all the conflict started.

It's suitable for a family movie. kids will understand perfectly well. Because when i was watching this in the cinema there's this one little kid keep talking about the movie which indicates he understand the movie. It's really a nice movie.
Well, thats all from me now!
matta-ne minna-san!

We Never Know What Exactly Boarded The Noah's Arc

because the world are still full of mysteries~
~D.Liyana 11/2010~