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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour Malaysia. 27th October 2012.

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!

woke up today with a bright smile although i can't go to #MYAliveTour and i have to study for my finals
thank God, today is Saturday, my institute wifi allowed full access to facebook and twitter the whole day
i was so excited that i wore blue and ask every VIP in my college to wear blue too, my friends too wear blue too although they are not VIP. thanks guys :D

the whole day i sat in front of AndyT0 and face the #MYAliveTour on twitter. just to want to what is happening at that second in Stadium Merdeka
i have four of my friends went to #MYAliveTour and i am freaking jelous
I asked one of them to buy me some merchandise, i just give her RM100, cause that's the only spare cash i have :(
my day went on with studying and eating and so much so while the laptop screen only shows  #MYAliveTour trendingon twitter, and i just played Big Bang songs

let's see some pictures that i got during the concert and after that, all goes to respective owners :)

awesome VIPS

the boys singing Haru Hari *i think so haha

awesome right?

VIPs in raincoats! nothing stop VIPs from watching the boys

so the crowd grows

 it was raining on off the whole day, everyone fear that the concert will be in the rain, cause #MYAliveTour was the only Alive Tour in an open stadium

and it started, u see the towers, yeas Big Bang was in MALAYSIA, baby!

it's still early but people are coming in!


blue mission, success :)
my dear TOP!

is this even from #MYAliveTour? haha

liking the hair

taeyang and KLCC

 the musicians! they are friendly, my friend said, the one who went for the concert

 the stage of slippery, cause the was rain right before the concert started.
it seems that right when the curtains falls, the rain stop! like seriously!
and the whole night was just magnificent, cause me who just know 'at' the concert through twitter feels the awesomeness of #MYAliveTour
because of the stage was slippery, GD and Tae Yang almost fell and fell on the stage, thank God they are ok :)
rehearsals photo! TOP hold he's own unbrella :)

playing with water!

the cake that was supposed to be given to TOP that night * i think~
 there was also another mission, that is celebrating TOP's birthday
but he's birthday is on 4th November. but well, being VIPs this is what we do... :D
i thought, it would be better if everyone sings the birthday song in Malay language. it will be awesome.

what so funny, GD?

the other stories of #MYAliveTour i think you may all know, and you can just google it.
i don;t know what to write more, cause i am damn excited.
one the best moment was: my playlist was on shuffled of all Big Bang songs and the songs played the same as the boys are singing at #MYAliveTour, 3 songs in line to be exact, it was awesome haha
they said, #MYAliveTour encore was awesome. i think so too from the updates i read.
I updated my Facebook about #MYAliveTour like hell, until almost everyone thought i was actually there hahahahaha
everyone was asking and i laugh my socks off cause my updates was so real haha
and in three days, all because of #MYAliveTour, i increased my tweet by a lot, i mean more then 500, i think...
since #MYAliveTour, i'm a twitter addict :P

and my friend, got me a Big bang t-shirt!
me love! <3
 after the concert end, i feel this one weird sensation
it's not regret that i'm not going but some sort of a satisfying feeling
although i just 'went' to the concert through Twitter (thanks twitter), i felt that like i was freaking there.
so, i don't have a regret feeling at all. seriously. :)

Thank You, Big Bang for coming to Malaysia and hope that you guys come to Golden Disk Awards next January. :)
Thanks, GD for loving ur, Thanks TOP, for wanting to remember all the VIPs who came to the concert.
Thanks, Riri for ur cute English, Thanks tae yang and dae sung for everything. and also thanks for speaking English all the way.

before i end my post, here is a comment from a foreign person regarding #MYAliveTour
matta-ne, minna-san~!
photos: respective owners

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